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Hawglass Gallery
Below are some examples of the stained glass art I have completed. My passion is motorcycles, but I will create anything you desire. Many of the pieces are SOLD, and are marked as such, but any piece can be duplicated, or changed to suit you. All works are of the copper foil method, and most are framed in zinc, unless the item is listed as a suncatcher. All include chains for hanging purposes. Thank you for looking, and I look forward to hearing from you. Lon Pettit
Please contact Lon with your specific requests, and he will prepare a free estimate.
Or for more information, call Lon at:  386-496-8200-Studio, or my cell at: 352-316-1672.

 I can also be emailed at: Hawglass@gmail.com 

Or send inquiries to:
   555 NE 8th Avenue
   Lake Butler, FL 32054
SOLD 24x30 Front view "Ultraglassic"
14x20, Irradescent Dark Blue, FLHX, $250.
SOLD 14x20 Black Electra Glide Classic
12x18 White Sportster, $200.
SOLD, 14x20 Orange FLHX
13x18, Red Rocket Bike, $200.
14x20, Blue Gold Wing, $250.
14x20, Irridescent light blue Electra Glide Classic, $250.
24x30, Irridescent Dark Blue, Ultraglassic, $550.
13x20, Yellow Chopper, $200.
14x20, Red Heritage Softtail, $250.
SOLD 14x20 Purple Heritage Softtail.
14x20, Orange Electra Glide Classic, $250.
SOLD, Kawasaki in Arizona
SOLD, Irridescent Green Electra Glide Classic
SOLD, California B&W Rider
SOLD, Dyna Wide Glide
SOLD, Cobalt Blue, Electra Glide Classic, 14x20
SOLD, Suzuki, 14x20
SOLD, Deuce, 14x20
105th Anniversary Ultraglassic, 21x27, $400
13x18, White Rocket Bike, $200.
SOLD, Ultraglassic on the beach, 21x27
SOLD, Larry with a pony tail on his red Harley
Rider on a Red Ultra, $350.
SOLD, Red and black Heritage Softtail Classic
SOLD, Suncatcher, 9x15 Red, FLHX, $70.
SOLD, Suncatcher, 9x15, Black FLHX, $70.
Suncatcher, Ultraglassic, 13", $60.
Suncatcher 9" Butterfly, $70.
Suncatcher, Orange Butterfly, 9", $70.
SOLD, Horse
13x13, Black and White abstract
SOLD Regal boat called "Water Bandit"
SOLD 18x24 Birthday Gift
SOLD, Memorial to Jake Eilen.
SOLD, Valentine Present, 13x19
Gift to the Rossmeyer Family on the passing of their Father.
SOLD, Personalized Gift
SOLD, Wedding Gift
SOLD, Wedding Gift
Dragonflies, $500.
SOLD, Dolphins
SOLD, 33x69, Arched Windows
SOLD, Wachonia business logo
SOLD, CHS, business logo
SOLD, Davis Equipment, business logo
SOLD, IFS business logo
SOLD, Gavilon, business logo
SOLD, Willard, business logo
SOLD, 32' Coupe, Cobalt Blue
SOLD, Red Corvette
SOLD, Peter's 34
SOLD, Blue Corvette
SOLD, Freightliner, Cascadia
SOLD, Vikings
SOLD, Twins
SOLD, 33x50, Church window
SOLD, 33x50, Church window
SOLD, 33x50, Church window
SOLD, 33x50, Church window
SOLD, 24x36, Oval, Bird on a limb.
SOLD 15x21. Harley Crossbones
SOLD Low Rider in the mountains
SOLD, 15x38 Channel Inn, 30th Anniversary piece. Hangs in the Channel Inn, Fairmont, MN
16x20 Old Harley rider. Notice the 3D spider above the skull. $300
16x20 Black and White Skull, $300
16x25 John Deere
Email Lon at: Hawglass@gmail.com