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Aritst Lon Pettit, Self Biography;
I was born on October 27, 1959 in the small southern Minnesota town of Winnebago. Even at a very 
young age, I remember my parents and granparents being workaholics, and they instilled this work 
ethic in me. I order to have "toys", bicycles, snowmobiles and motorcycles, they always said you have to 
work very hard. 

I started working at the young age of 8 on a paper route so I could buy a new bicycle that was in the 
Gambles Hardware store front window. I worked very hard, and got the bike. At age 10 we moved to 
Northrop, MN. I started a new job washing hog buildings for a local farmer for whom I worked for 10 years.
Because it was a large farm, 14,000 hogs and 4,000 acres, I learned many skills and became a true do-it-
yourselfer.                                                                                                                                                              My Grandparents

                                                      I was in every art class I could take in school. I gave many of regular class notebooks to teachers
                                                      as they were full of drawings instead of notes. I could never stop doodling. I always had a huge 
                                                      interest in mechanical things. I loved to draw semis, tractors, snowmobiles, cars and motorcycles.
                                                      My first street legal motorcycle was a 1976, 175cc AMF Harley Davidson, and I graduated high
                                                      school riding a 1976, 1000cc AMF Harley Davidson Sportster.

                                                      After working for a few more years, I attended Mankato Technical Institute in Mankato, MN. I
                                                      recieved a degree in commercial art and advertising. I worked at a picture framing store the entire
                                                      time I was in school. It was a high end store and very busy and I learned a lot about the print and 
                                                      framing side of art. Upon graduating I was broke and went back into construction to make enough
money to move Florida, so I could ride year round. At age 26, I headed to Tampa, FL. I really don't know why Tampa, but I had visited a cousin there once and liked it. 

It was there that I met and married my wife Lynda. In 1990 I got married and took on two children at the sam time. I left all art-related jobs and went back to driving and maintenance so that I could properly support my family, and have insurance. I went to work for Griffin Industries as a route driver and manager for 5 years, then went to Cintas Uniforms for 12 years as a service sales representative and trainer. 

                                                        My Dad lived in north Florida and owned a small used car lot for over 30 years. He and his wife 
                                                        bought 65 acres and retired to a new home on the property. He offered us some land and a 
                                                        chance to escape the city. Being small town most of my life I was ready for a change. Both 
                                                        children were married and doing well and I longed to be creative again, even if it meant less 
                                                        money at first. 

                                                        My wife is a high school science teacher. She secured a job immediately in the small city of 
                                                        Lake Butler, FL. We sold our home in Tampa, and lived in a 28 foot camper on the property
                                                        while the house was being built. I did all the finish work with the help of my uncle, and after 10
                                                        months we moved in. Next we built a shop so I would have a place to start my business.
   My young Dad and his Harley
                                                        I took classes in Gainesville, FL and learned to do stained glass. Having never done it before, I
really liked the challenge and creativity of working with glass. I started Hawglass, LLC and have never looked back. Many of my friends bought from me immediately. It really meant a lot to me that I was on to something and they supported me upon seeing my
my work. My company is in the early stages and I have created many pieces. My career in art has been quite a ride. Literally. My
passion for art has come full circle, and now I'm back doing what I love to do: art. Next to God, my wife and family, it's the biggest truth of all. 


Me and my 76' Sportster
Email Lon at: Hawglass@gmail.com